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Top 3 travel destination from our Worldvybers!

Our beautiful planet has so many amazing places worth visiting once in life and exploring the beauty of the world. Many travel lovers always get confused about which travel site is best for a visit. Our website has so many varieties like peaceful beaches, breathtaking valleys, hill stations, crowded cities, historical buildings and temples, and many more all described as travel journals with a lot of hints for choosing the next destination and help you in plan your next vacation. 

Worldvybe is a community of frequent traveler and here we are going to share our experience of visiting some of the top travel destinations vacations worldwide.

So, don't wait to pack your bags and go to this exciting tour.


1.    Bali, Indonesia:

One of the most popular travel destinations in Indonesia is both a budget backpacker adventure paradise for travelers, yoga lovers, honeymooners, and digital nomads alike but it’s fine also if you are looking for an amazing luxury destination! We find the island is so beautiful that it holds lovely beaches, friendly people, world-class dining, exceptional hiking spots and all are inexpensive. 

If you are planning to visit it, make sure to plan your vacations during the August or December months which are the bests for visiting it. Spend as much as you can exploring the island and finding much calmer, cheaper, and less busy beaches that all are only for travelers to enjoy. The island is well connected and full of hotel, resorts and clubs for all the tastes but, if you are looking for calming and chilling places you will find what you are looking for as well

Bali beaches are one of the most beautiful in the world; you will have the chance to choose between the more calm and isolated beaches in the north or the stunning and famous ones in the south like Seminyak beach. If you have time, you can also take the speed boat and reach the Gili islands: 3 different islands, one better than the other (Gili Trawangan, Gili Air and Gili Meno) where you can enjoy clubs, nature and relaxing time.. and snorkeling as well!!

If you are looking for amazing temples, you cannot miss the chance to visit Ubud, in the middle of the Bali island, is one of the most interesting spots: The Uluwatu temple is must-visit places.  There is a nice monkey forest sanctuary you shall visit too and not far from there, the rice field terraces are terrific!

And...., if you have more time than one can visit Sanur laid back beaches along with mount Bator for climbing.


Bali could be also one of the stops of a more extensive tour of Indonesia. Very close in the north there is the Java island with its amazing volcanos like the Mount Bromo, a stunning place where experience one of the best sunrise in your life or Ijen cave where admiring another beautiful panorama as well. Very close to the south there is Lombok, another beautiful beach as well where you will reach beautiful spots like Mount Rinjani or the famous pink beach!


2.    Los Angeles, California: 

The second-largest city of the United States and the largest city of California have lots of crowds, movie stars, wannabe actors, musicians, clubs, bars, beaches, and many more things. The city has everything to attract various kinds of travelers, such as crowded town is perfect for fun lovers, the peaceful beaches are excellent for a picnic spot, movie and universal studios are another attraction for Hollywood fans. Don’t miss:

· Hollywood sign and the walk of fame: take your sunglasses, a convertible car and drive up till the end of the hill passing through Beverly hills
· Universal Studios and Disneyland park: you will have the chance to live the atmosphere of some of the most famous film like a unique Jurassic experiences available for visitors.
· Santa Monica peer and Venice Beach: wide beaches where you will can relax, enjoy the sun and make some activities, for sure surfing!


LA is also a good stop if you are planning a roundtrip in California being on the road between S. Francisco and amazing parks of Yosemite National Park, Death Valley, Grand Canyon and Monument Valley. Do not loose the chance to visit the Golden Gate Bridge and the amazing Alcatraz Island and… then go to Las Vegas for some amazing nights in casino, super fashion hotels and pub/ discos!


3.    Bangkok, Thailand:

No doubt to say about this city that it is one of the best and popular travel destinations worldwide. The city is full of historical places, temples, beautiful beaches, modern lifestyle in the towns, lush green valleys, and many more things. The city has always been the first choice for every traveler considering that, for sure, if you are coming from a foreign country, landing on the capital city is the easiest way. You will have the chance to stay at any of the five-star hotels of the city, enjoy the delicious cuisine, wandering in the city by taxi, and that's the reason behind it becoming the leading travel destination worldwide.


· Now, coming to the popular attraction, one can visit the Chao Phraya River to have the fantastic experience of boating.
· One can experience the ambiance of fine dining at White Orchid River Cruise.
· Damnoen floating market and Ayutthaya temples could be visiting during the trip.
· At last, one can explore the sea life of Bangkok below the beautiful oceans.


And once you finished to visit the city take a flight and move in the south to the beautiful beaches. The fantastic things that you can choose among the 2 different sides of the peninsula according to the season enjoying in most of the cases sun. For sure you will not miss the chance to visit:

· Phuket and Phi Phi island
· Ko Samui
· Or stunning temples in the north of the state like Chiang Mai


We recently stayed there for over 2 weeks… we had an unconventional tour of the Thailand, check it out. It is free!! 

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